Clinking Glasses: The Perfect Conclusion to Your Wedding Toast

Ending a wedding speech is important to leave the audience with your thoughts about the couple and a moment for everyone to celebrate the marriage together.



Jul 5, 2023
Raising Glasses to Cheers

Closing lines for a wedding toast can make or break the speech. It's the final impression you leave on the couple and the guests, and it's important to make it a memorable one.


Here are some tips and examples of great closing lines for a wedding toast:

  1. Sum up the main points of your speech. The closing lines should serve as a nice wrap-up to the main points of your speech. Reflect on the couple's love story, the significance of the day, or any advice you may have shared.
  2. Reference a joke from earlier in the speech. Audience love callbacks since it feels like an inside joke.
  3. Raise a glass. One of the most traditional ways to end a wedding toast is to raise your glass and invite the guests to join you in a toast to the happy couple.
  4. Use a quote or poem. If you're struggling to find the perfect words, consider using a quote or poem that speaks to the couple's love and commitment.
  5. Share a personal memory or wish. Share a personal memory of the couple, or a wish for their future together. This can be a great way to add a personal touch to your speech and show the couple how much you care.
  6. Use a call to action. Encourage the guests to join you in congratulating the couple, or to raise a glass in their honor.

Closing Lines

Here are some examples of closing lines you can use:

  • "So, let's raise our glasses to the happy couple and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness."
  • "May your love story be one for the ages, and may the memories you create together be ones you'll treasure forever."
  • "To the happy couple: Let us toast to your love and your future together, may it be blessed with joy, laughter and forever love."
  • "May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing day. cheers to the happy couple!"

Don't overthink it. As long as you show your love to the couple and say cheers, you'll be great!

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